2019-07-12 16:40

PROCON Boiler Acoustic Steam Leak Detection System

PROCON Boiler Acoustic Steam Leak Detection System

A boiler acoustic steam leak detection system was developed and introduced to industry by the world’s leader in this field: British company Procon Engineering.

The system consist of a range of acoustic microphones and structure-borne sensors distributed (in proper manner) on boiler walls as well as a computer unit for signals filtering and processing.

Everything is designed to detect a steam leak the moment it begins, allowing time for a planned schedule to shut down the boiler at an optimum time. This results in substantial reduction of repair times and costs with a consequent increase in plant availability and profits.

Procom Engineering has a rich reference list coming from over 250 units: pulverized coal-fired boilers, fluidized bed boilers, heavy fuel oil and gas boilers.