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About Us

Pentol is a supplier of innovative products and technologies dedicated for combustion optimization, improvement of performance of technological processes, as well as for emission reduction (especially for dust, NOx and SO2). The company also offers modern emission monitoring systems and equipment for technological processes control.

Pentol GmgH was set up in Germany in 1969. Nowadays, all Pentol group enterprises undergone a joint venture and exist as part of Pentomag Holding AG with headquarter in Switzerland. The main production facility of the Holding is located in South Germany. Fuel additives as well as flue gas conditioning units are manufactured there. Nowadays, over 50 countries across the world are being supplied with Pentol products.

In 1985 Pentol started active sales of its own products in Poland. Since 1995 it has been operated in present structure as Pentol-Enviro Polska Sp. z o.o.

Almost from the beginning of Pentol-Enviro Polska Sp. z o.o., the company has dealt with delivery of complete emission monitoring systems and measuring apparatus for process purposes. Thanks to experience which has been gathered by that time our employees are able to select appropriate apparatus for almost all kind of plant and realize project in turn-key formula (technical documentation, deliveries, erection, commissioning). Service work is managed by our domestic employees (Service Center in Krakow) which ensures short response time and low costs.

Current offer of Pentol-Enviro Polska Sp. z o.o. covers:

  • coal additive for prevention of boiler slagging –PentoMag®2550,
  • mazut treatment technology PentoMag® / PentoMuls®,
  • flue gas conditioning installations (for improvement of efficiency of existing ESPs),
  • boiler steam leak detection system PLDS,
  • complete emission monitoring systems CEMS, including:
    • flue gas analyzers (SO2, NO, NO2, N2O, NOx, CO, NH3, HCl, HF, CH4, CO2, Hg, H2S, O2, SO3, TOC),
    • dust monitors,
    • flow monitors,
    • humidity meters,
    • components of gas line,
  • thermal deaerators (STORK type),
  • tunnel air quality monitors and systems,
  • CO analyzers for coal mills,
  • igniters,
  • gas-, oil- and multi- fuel burners,
  • flame monitors,
  • video/thermography systems,
  • flow monitors for air/flue gas/air-pulverized coal mixture,
  • UBC monitor (for measurement of unburned carbon in fly ash).

More detailed information about our current offer, split by:

 » products,
 » solutions for plants.

Taking care of high standard of our service, to our Customers we offer apparatus only from well-known and reputable manufacturers, e.g. Pentol GmbH, Codel International, Durag Group, Fuji Electric, Dr Födisch AG, SK-Elektronik GmbH, Promecon GmbH and Stork Thermeq.

A short list of our main customers is shown below:

  • Power Plants and CHPs (utility): Opole, Bełchatów, Kozienice, Jaworzno, Łagisza, Łaziska, Ostrołęka, EDF Kraków (former CHP Kraków), CHP Katowice, CHP Gorzów, Vattenfall Polska (former Elektrociepłownie Warszawskie), EDF Wybrzeże (former Zespół EC Wybrzeże), DALKIA Łódź (former Zespół EC w Łodzi), CHP Tychy, CHP Zabrze, CEZ Elcho Chorzów CHP, CHP Kowno (Lithuania),
  • Main suppliers of power generation equipment and service: GE (former Alstom Power), Polimex, AMEC Foster-Wheeler, Fortum, Energoprojekt Gliwice, RAFAKO, Elektrobudowa, APS
  • Industrial and communal CHP plants: CHP Megatem Lublin, MPEC Leszno, TAMEH Polska (CHP in Nowa Huta),
  • Gas compressor stations: EuRoPol GAZ - gas compressor station in Kondratki,
  • Paper mills: International Paper - Kwidzyn, Mondi Świecie,
  • Salt and soda factory: CIECH Soda Polska (CHP Mątwy and CHP Janikowo),
  • Cement plants: Cemex Polska (in Chełm), Grupa Ożarów (in Rejowiec and Rejowiec),
  • Steelworks: ArcelorMittal Poland (former Huta Katowice and Huta Sendzimira),
  • Coal mining companies: Kompania Węglowa (Oddział Zakład Elektrociepłownie),
  • Chemical plants: Grupa Azoty Zakłady Chemiczne Police (former Zakłady Chemiczne Police), Bridgestone/Firestone Poland, Saint Globain Isover Polska (former Gullfiber Polska),
  • Manufacturers of electrostatic precipitators: Bilfinger Elwo (former ELWO Pszczyna), BIPROMET (former OPAM Katowice),
  • Flue gas desulfurization system manufacturers: GE (former Alstom), RAFAKO, AMK Kraków (former Aeromont Kraków).

Pentol offers not only the supply of the goods, but also (if required) may prepare a technical layout project of the installation (up to turnkey delivery) and provide their Customers with comprehensive warranty and after-warranty service.

Our personnel is qualified and poses appropriate certificates and licenses (electrician’s license, operation and supervision license of energetic equipment, altitude training certificate, product training certificates) enabling them to perform their work acc. to highest standards.

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