Additives for Boiler Fuels (coal, HVO and Disel)
PentoMag® & Pentomuls® technologies
Emission Monitoring, Flue Gas Analyzers for Process and Safety Applications
Measurement of gas concentrations (SO2, CO, NOx, CO2, H2O, HCl, HF, NH3, Hg, TOC, TRS), dust and exhaust gas flow for combustion optimization, operation control of flue gas cleaning installations and other processes.
Steam Leak Detection System (PLDS) for Power Boilers
The system consists of acoustic and vibration sensors manufactured by the British company Procon (over 250 references in the world, including 3 in Poland) and a data acquisition system developed by Pentol. In Poland, PLDS systems were installed among others at 900MW blocks in Opole Power Plant.
STORK Thermal Deaerators
Without a column on the feed-water tank (sprayer inside the tank). Very high efficiency (up to 5ppb residual oxygen) in the load range of 10-110%, minimal loss of medium. Possibility of retrofitting existing tray-type deaerators to the Stork standard.
Tunnel Air Quality Monitors and Systems
Based on the apparatus of the British company Codel (over 600 road, rail and river tunnels in 40 countries, 5 tunnels in Poland). Includes measurements of CO, NO, NO2, opacity, air velocity and flow direction, as well as luminance inside and outside the tunnel.
Flue Gas Conditionning Installation
To increase the efficiency of dedusting process in electrostatic precipitators
Flame Monitoring
Flame scanners and monitors - cooperation with BFI Automation.
Combustion Optimization
Flow measurement and controll of air, mass flow rate of pulverized coal & air mixture, measurement of UBC in fly ash, temperature distribution in the combustion chamber measurement (AGAM system)