2019-07-13 15:17

Flame monitoring systems - BFI Flamonitec

Flame monitoring systems - BFI Flamonitec

PENTOL is a distributor of flame monitors from the German company BFI Automation, which has been supplying flame monitors since 1973 and they are one of the leaders in the market.

The technology offered by BFI is based on the use of semiconductor UV sensors.

The latest generation of BFI flame scanners enable graphical presentation of signals from individual monitors installed on the facility, CFC1000-4000 series (via the Internet connection).

BFI flame scanners are used in power plants, gas turbines, waste incineration plants, petrochemical plants, steel mills, industrial furnaces and hydrogen combustion. Flame monitors are available in EX, ATEX and SIL 3 standards.

BFI has a particularly strong position in Germany - the company has controlled about 45% of the market. Also, in Poland, the manufacturer has several prestigious references - e.g. in the Opole Power Plant (900MW units), the Dolna Odra Power Plant, the Turów Power Plant, the Orlen Płock Power Plant, the Rudniki Cement Plant and the Łaziska Power Plant.

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