Humidity meter PCEM-W100


For several years, Pentol has successfully offered its customers a humidity meter which is a proprietary solution. The device is used for continuous measurement of humidity in air, process gases or exhaust gases. The share of water vapor measured in this way can be used as a normalization measurement in systems for continuous emission monitoring systems or for process purposes, but it is not suitable for measurement in flammable and explosive gases. The device has a valid CE certificate. Its measuring range is adjustable from 0 ÷ 15% to 0 ÷ 40% by volume of H2O. More on this can be read here.

We invite you to Waste to Energy Conference (11th TPOK Conference) in Szczecin


On February 20-22, Szczecin will host the 11th edition of the Conference on Thermal Transformation of Municipal Waste - technologies, investment implementation, financing.
This year, we planned to participate in the Conference accompanied by one of our business partner. Two presentations related to our activities and dedicated to Waste to Energy installations will be given by us during the event. More information available here:

We invite to participate in 13th International Conference on Boiler Technology Poland 2018


We invite to participate in 13th International Conference on Boiler Technology (ICBT) Poland ’2018, traditionally held in Orle Gniazdo Hotel in Szczyrk (Beskidy Mountains) on 23 – 26 October. This cyclical Conference, organised for 54 years in 4-year cycle, is considered by specialists one of the most important boiler conferences worldwide. Pentol actively participate in ICBT Conferences for 20 years, this year we are planning to present two papers. Click HERE to read more about the event.

Steam leak detection system (PLDS) for Opole Power Plant

9.11 .2017

Erection of 2 new power blocks at the Opole Power Plant (unit 5 and 6, in total 1800 MWe) started 3 years ago and is recognised as the largest infrastructure investment in Poland after year 1989.

We also have a hand in developing this project by delivery of our Leak Detection System (PLDS).

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Pentol specializes in products and technologies related to combustion process optimization and emission control and monitoring. We offer our own solutions and products (manufactured in Germany by Pentol GmbH production site) as well as products of our proven business partners.



Products and technologies offered by Pentol are useful for most of processes related to combustion, so for all kind of boilers (burning not only coal but also biomass, oil and gas). Our solutions can also be applied in cement, metallurgical and chemical plants.



In accordance with our motto “ We sell solutions, not only products”, together with starting a project our customers receive a very strong support which last as long as the customers use our products. This support is mainly through our Service Center in Krakow, Poland.